It all started with an idea to help people live better lives by being a good sport.

Talent wins games. Sportsmanship wins friends.

As part of its mission, the St. Louis Sports Commission works to promote sportsmanship in its region. The organization implements programs that create positive environments for kids to play sports and reinforces the importance of respect, civility, selflessness and integrity at all levels. 

At the forefront of the Sports Commission’s efforts around sportsmanship is the Musial Awards. Since 2005, the organization has produced this one-of-a-kind national event, which recognizes the year’s greatest moments of sportsmanship and the biggest names in sports who embody class and character. The event and its awards are named for Stan “The Man” Musial, the late St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer who was one of the greatest players in baseball history and the ultimate good sport.

In 2012, expanding on its efforts in St. Louis, the Sports Commission created the National Sportsmanship Foundation (NSF) to empower people across the nation to lead healthier, happier lives through the values of sportsmanship. This national movement based in St. Louis aims to inspire people to be good sports — all in hopes of creating a move civil society. 

A place for sportsmanship

The NSF also created the Good Sport Club, which recognizes that we can all win if we make space for more play, more joy, and better sportsmanship in our lives. Today, the Good Sport Club has created a movement that is resonating in all aspects of life, from the locker room to the boardroom.

Ultimately, the Good Sport Club wants to inspire people to make their communities stronger and more resilient. We do this through modeling, recognizing and rewarding acts of sportsmanship. And not just for professional athletes, but for everyday heroes like coaches, parents, refs, teachers and, of course, kids. By practicing the values of sportsmanship, we can all become more productive citizens of society.

Mission Statement

The Good Sport Club inspires people to make their communities stronger and more resilient by modeling, recognizing and rewarding acts of good sportsmanship.

Founding Partners

Founding Patrons

  • Jama Adams - SidePorch
  • Solomon Alexander - National Sportsmanship Foundation
  • Jonathan Bays - Sound Posting
  • Alan Berkes - Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Sebastian Buck - enso
  • Ward Bullard - Verizon
  • J.W. Cannon - UPS
  • Anna Christy - Red Bull
  • Sherard Clinkscales - Indiana State University / NCAA
  • Neill Duffy - Purpose + Sport
  • Todd Fischer - GMR
  • Al Kidd - National Association of Sports Commissions
  • Sean Knierim - SidePorch
  • Scott Levitan - Google
  • Mark Lombardi - Maryville University
  • Sean McNamara - enso
  • Alice Pang - enso
  • Rebecca Perez - Purpose + Sport
  • Tony Ponturo - Ponturo Management Group
  • Rebecca Rahm - TEGNA
  • Chris Roseman - St Louis Sports Commission
  • James Sa - The Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Jason Sacks - Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Marc Schreiber - St Louis Sports Commission
  • James Siegal - KaBOOM!
  • Renata Simril - LA84 Foundation
  • Russ Stoddard - Oliver Russell
  • Laura Wolf Stein - The Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Jim Thompson - Positive Coaches Alliance
  • Frank Viverito - St Louis Sports Commission
  • Andrew Wisniewski – enso