The National Sportsmanship Foundation Launches The Good Sport Club

The National Sportsmanship Foundation launched The Good Sport Club last week as part of its mission to promote sportsmanship across the country.

Frank Viverito, president of the St. Louis Sports Commission, took the stage at the annual Musial Awards November 18 to make a major announcement: The Good Sport Club is official! As part of the National Sportsmanship Foundation’s mission to promote class, character and sportsmanship across the country, the Good Sport Club aims to inspire people to build stronger and more resilient communities.

“Tonight, the Musial Awards launches the most meaningful club in sports: none other than the Good Sport Club,” Viverito said. “We invite all athletes, coaches, parents and fans across the country to join the Club by taking the pledge at to show Respect, Effort and Fun in everything they do. In the process, you will be helping us lead and build a movement of kindness and civility on and off the field to make our communities stronger and more resilient.”

Ultimately, the Good Sport Club is dedicated to inspiring, modeling, recognizing and rewarding acts of sportsmanship. And not just for professional athletes, but for everyday heroes like coaches, parents, refs, teachers and, of course, kids. By practicing the values of sportsmanship, the Good Sport Club believes that we can all become better citizens and help build a more civil society.

The National Sportsmanship Foundation was launched in 2012 by the St. Louis Sports Commission to inspire people across the country to be good sports. In addition to producing the annual Musial Awards, the organization implements programs that create positive environments for kids to play sports and that reinforce the importance of respect, civility, selflessness and integrity at all levels.  The Musial Awards are named for Stan “The Man” Musial, the late St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer, who was one of the greatest players in baseball history and the ultimate good sport.

Other founding partners of The Good Sport Club include: Purpose + Sport – which inspires the business of sport to do good and do well; Enso –which builds mission-driven brands and initiatives for positive impact at scale; Oliver Russell – which builds brands for purpose driven companies; and the Positive Coaching Alliance – which creates better athletes/better people through positive, character-building experiences. The Good Sport Club online store is powered by Doing Good Works, who has created a new way to connect communities and turn transactions into transformations.

Join the Good Sport Club by taking the pledge to be a good sport at